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What is a Canadian Tire Tax Free® High Interest Savings account (Tax Free HISA)?
What is the contribution limit this year?
When is the best time to invest my money?
Who is eligible for a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)?
How does a TFSA differ from a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)?
Can I open more than one TFSA?
How will I know what my TFSA contribution room is for a given tax year?
What happens if I'm unable to contribute in a given year?
What happens if I contribute more than my TFSA contribution room in a given year?
Can I transfer money between my TFSA accounts?
What happens to my contribution room when I make a withdrawal?
Can I open a joint TFSA with my spouse or someone else?
Can I designate a successor holder or beneficiary on my TFSA?
What do I need to apply?
How can I transfer money to/from my Tax Free HISA?
If I am an existing customer, in one of your savings products other than the Tax Free HISA, do I have to fill out an application for a Canadian Tire TFSA?
Do I have to maintain a minimum deposit?
Can I access my money whenever I need it?
Is my money insured?
How do I open or deposit to an account?
Are any charges applicable to the Tax Free HISA?
Charges applicable to the Tax Free High Interest Savings Account
Drafts / Office Cheques (Canadian dollars only) $5.00
Wire transfer to another Canadian financial institution (other than your External Account) $20.00
Wire transfer to a foreign financial institution $30.00
Cheque, pre-authorized debit or other payment item drawn on an Account that is returned for insufficient funds (NSF) $30.00
If your Account goes into overdraft $5.00
If a cheque drawn on another financial institution is deposited to your Account but is not honoured by that other financial institution $7.50
Stop Payment with complete information, for a single cheque or a range of cheques $10.00
Stop Payment with incomplete information (per item) $20.00
Copies of Past Account Statements (per copy) $5.00
Transfer TFSA from us to another financial institution $50.00